Visual Effects

Based in California, the visual effects experts at Digital Artist Coalition want to pass on their experience and advice to the next generation.

The art of Visual effects (VFX) takes place in a post-production process that involves converting the complex technology into art, stories into moving pictures and director’s vision into reality. Visual Effects provide creative options to filmmakers that take us to a world we have never imagined.

The VFX team at DAC posses strong animation, texturing, compositing and modeling skills to create stunning visuals for commercials, feature films, television, and large format screens. Our VFX work provides filmmakers the flexibility of scene modification, freedom of story and provide a unique spectacle to the visual medium that ignite the imaginations of viewers.

We use our eyes before using computers! We observe and thoroughly inspect the natural phenomena (light, color, shadows, emotive conditions, and physics of the everyday) to improve the cuts and shots in films.

Our experts work with their own VFX ideas, vision, and stylistic flourishes to bring innovation to high profile projects, VFX indie culture and the mass global audience.

Digital Artist Coalition offer clients the complete visual effects services such as 3d modeling, motion tracking, compositing, matte painting, physical simulation, and rotoscoping, what ever is necessary to get the job done, and done right.

Our post production team is available 24/7 to deliver exceptional visual effects services within a projects budget, requirements and on time. Viral Mummy

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