Compositing is one of the fundamental computer graphic process of combining multiple images, or strips of films to produce an integrated result.

With a dedicated team of post-production artists, Digital Artist Coalition specializes in 2D and 3D stereo compositing to produce a innovative visual experiences. Using the latest technology and expertise, DAC delivers efficient and high quality compositing services for features films,television, commercials, ride films and other large format media.

Our team of digital artists integrate hundreds of different assets and various visual elements to create photo-realistic effects and captivating imagery. We have dealt with different resolutions, image formats, dramatic color space and lens distorted footage, all coming together to make the composite look natural and seamless.

Our VFX artists work on compositing applications like Nuke, Adobe After Effects, Autodesk Composite, Syntheyes, Mocha, and PFtrack to implement advanced chroma keys, tracking and matting techniques.

Highly motivated VFX artists ensure we deliver the highest quality compositing meeting our eye for detail, the projects guidelines, time and budget.

Our compositing services includes:

  • Motion Graphic Design
  • Matte Painting
  • Rotoscoping
  • Artifact/Wire/Rig Removal
  • Beauty Enhancements
  • CG compositing
  • 2D & 3D tracking
  • Creating 2D & 3D Titles
  • Chroma keying and more

Get in touch with us for quality compositing services and for all other VFX requirements.

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